Friday, July 7, 2017

Women Paving the Way: Congratulations to Friend of The Women's Organisation, Melissa Henville!

Here at The Women’s Organisation, our global reach continues to grow and we are delighted that one of our international sector experts panellists and special advisors Melissa Henville has been appointed to a new role as Group Trading Inventory Manager at SBS where she will contribute to developing their digital offer.

SBS is a national public television network in Australia. Launched on 24 October 1980, it is the responsibility of SBS's television division and is available nationally. The company was founded on the belief that all Australians, regardless of geography, age, cultural background or language skills should have access to high quality, independent, culturally-relevant Australian media.

SBS On Demand’s distinctive streaming service is available on more platforms and devices than any other Australian broadcaster’s service, and includes over 6000 hours of programs, with 900 movies of which 70% are in languages other than English.

Melissa has been a champion of equality all of her career and having over 20 year experience in the commercial sector she will no doubt make a huge contribution to SBS in her new role.

Maggie O’Carroll CEO of the Women’s Org said “We offer our warmest congratulations to Melissa in her new role and of course we want to thank her for her continued support in promoting gender equality.

"Melissa has volunteered her valuable time to share her considerable knowledge and expertise with us and thereby helped to support female entrepreneurs within the UK and across the globe. It is through this type of global collaboration that we can learn and make progress toward equality of opportunity. We wish Melissa every success in her new role.”

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 Speedy Networking Tips - Get Ready For #WOBizClub's Summer Speed Event! ☀

It's that time of the year again - Our Summer Speed networking evening on July 25th at 54 St James Street! Grab your tickets here! 

This annual Business Club event invites all women in business to come along and join us for some speedy networking which will be facilitated by The Women’s Organisation Team. 
We’ll setting our stopwatches and setting up some speedy networking so that you’ll have the chance to speak to each and every business woman present, and be sure you’re not missing out on the chance to make that all important connection!

But, don’t worry, the pressure is off and the time limit won’t be too tight! As we know it’s important that you are able to get to know each other’s businesses properly so you can find out how you can help each other best!
The Women’s Organisation team will of course be on hand to help facilitate this purely networking session and assist you with to speedily network your way around the room!
AND, in preparation for the event, here's some great speed networking tips

1. Have an Elevator Speech ready - Prepare a short elevator speech which summarises the key elements of your business. Practice articulating this information in a smooth way! Since speed networking is a two way process, it's also important to listen carefully to each of your partners!
2. Bring business cards - All important at a networking event, so don't forget yours! 
3. Prepare some sample questions to ask - Showing a genuine interest in your partners during speed networking will help you to develop a solid rapport with people there! And prepare some sample questions to ask. 

So, if you're ready to come and speedy network with us, you'll need to grab your tickets! Head over to Eventbrite to get your hands on one. Remember! If you're a member of our Business Club, tickets to our events are half price, so just £5! 
Grab them here!
And if you'd like to find out more about Business Club and becoming a member, email us on to find out more! 

Did You Learn To Harness The Power Of Body Language With #WOBizClub?

Last Thursday Laura Taylor was back in the building by popular demand! After the massive success of last year’s body language Business Club workshop we couldn’t not ask Laura back again this year!

Laura is an experienced Corporate Trainer who specialises in areas such as body language, procurement and influencing. Laura has trained over 2500 professionals in these areas within the UK and globally for multi-national organisations and Laura is currently the only qualified UK Body Language trainer from the world’s largest human behavioural Lab, the Science of People!

The event got off to a great start, we had a full room of Business Club members and business women ready to learn about body language and the tips and tricks they can use to be viewed as positive, credible and authoritative.

Laura led an amazing seminar and talked us through how to make a positive first impression through using warmth, confidence and competence and that a first impression is made in as little as 4 seconds! And other little tips and tricks were dished out such as ensuring that when we are standing directly in front of someone and engaging them in eye contact and ensuring you aren’t standing at an angle. Another tip and trick which many of us hadn’t realised is sometimes are clothing can sometimes be a distraction especially big necklaces!

A lot was learnt in the session, and afterwards our business women got the chance to put their tips and tricks into action with networking at the end of the event. It was fantastic to see a room full of women, networking with confidence like pros! And we had some great feedback too!

‘A very useful and informative event! It’s really important to be aware of body language and I will be using the tips in my future interactions’

‘Very good input from Laura, lots of body language tips and things to think about’
‘Interesting scientific studies and useful practical tips to implement’

‘Excellent, thank you! The Halo Effect was fascinating and useful and the networking was great too!’

‘The body language training was fantastic! What an incredible event, I could listen to Laura all day. I would love to do more of this. Thank you!’

We think that’s amazing praise! Thank you so much to Laura for her workshop, it was amazing and insightful and we are so grateful that she took the time out to come along and share her knowledge with Business Club!

If you would like more information on becoming a member of Business Club, please get in touch! Email us on for more information.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

‘Change It’ and ‘Progress to Success’ this Summer with our Confidence-Building Programme!

We have been helping the women of Liverpool ‘Change It’ and ‘Progress to Success’ through our confidence-building programme, and we are now delighted to announce two more dates for August and September.

Our personal development and confidence building is designed to help you see your true potential and turn that potential into success. Whatever age, background or stage of life you are at, this programme will help you build positively for your future.

The programme covers many topics including becoming more assertive and breaking negative thinking habits in order to develop a more positive outlook in all aspects of life. ‘Change It: Progress to Success’ enables you to identify the clear and practical steps to take in order to build a better world for yourself at work, at home and in relationships. 

We caught up with ‘Change It’ Trainer, Jenny, who said: “We all lose our confidence at some stage in life – ‘Change It: Progress to Success’ helps you learn more about yourself, plan for the future you want and rebuild that confidence one step at a time. On this programme, I have met so many women from different backgrounds who have each faced challenges for various reasons, and being a part of their journey and watching them grow in self-esteem has been a privilege.”

We also caught up with Vicky from the last cohort of ‘Change It: Progress to Success’, she said: “Jenny was my trainer for the Change It Course and she was brilliant, she was very supportive and offered many open doors. Jenny is the type of person you would like as a friend! Thank you anyway to The Women's Org, absolutely immense!”

Our confirmed August and September dates will both run for 4-weeks at 54 St James Street, home to The Women’s Organisation. The dates are as followed:

Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 10am-3pm (Following three weeks: 9th, 16th, 23rd)

Wednesday 20th September 2017, 10am-3pm (Following three weeks: 27th, 11th, 18th
*please note there is a one-week break in this course after week 2

This programme also runs from a number of Children’s Centres in Liverpool. We will be releasing more details on these venues and dates in due course.

If you are a woman and would like to book a place or find out more about the programme, please contact our engagement team on 0151 706 8111 or email

If you are an organisation and would like to refer someone onto the programme, or contact a member of the Change It team about opportunities, please contact a member of our engagement team on 0151 706 8111 or email

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marking 21 Years of The Women's Organisation and our Collaboration with dot-art 🎈

2017 marks 21 years of The Women’s Organisation. Never one to shy away from a party, we celebrated this milestone alongside those who have helped us along the way. 

We were joined by a whole host of people, from clients to tenants, local businesses and local authorities, our Baltic neighbours and Board Members, partners to funders and anyone else that has played a part in our history and success.

The occasion also honoured our collaboration with local, independent art gallery, dot-art. Some of you may have noticed the artwork that has appeared around 54 St James Street, a flagship facility for women and business.

For the next 18 months, our lovely building will double up as an art exhibition, showcasing the work of local artists Joanne Thompson and Olga Snell. We were joined by Founder of dot-art Lucy Byrne, who championed art as an integral part of everyday life and detailed some of the huge benefits of art in the workplace.

As our guests headed around the building to view the artwork, the artists were on hand to offer an insight into the thought behind the artwork.

We also had a speech from CEO of The Women’s Organisation, the incredible Maggie O’Carroll. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting our Maggie will know that she has a way with words and can capture the eyes and mind of every person she speaks to. And she certainly didn’t disappoint – on 21 years of The Women’s Organisation, Maggie said: “I really have no comment to make because I can't remember most of it". 

Our Chief of Finance, Helen Millne, made sure to grab the mic and acknowledge Maggie’s incredible leadership and dedication to achieving women’s economic equality.

Maggie may be modest – but we’re happy to shout her amazing successes on her behalf. Maggie O’Carroll is an inspirational woman that has paved the way for equality and change in her own indomitable way. For 21 years, Maggie has devoted her time to levelling the playing field for women in all aspects of life.

From day one, our mission has been to ensure that women have a voice at the highest level, in business, community, political life, and in the wider world. At 21 years, we celebrate having impacted the lives of over 50,000 women, locally, nationally and internationally. However, Maggie reminded us that whilst we celebrate our success and the positive impact we have had, we still have an incredibly long way to go.

Thanks to all those who joined us yesterday and an even bigger thank you to every person who has played even the smallest role in the history and success of The Women’s Organisation. Here’s to 21 more …

The artwork is displayed throughout the building including at Reception, Siren communal areas and meeting rooms. So, if you pay us a visit anytime soon, please remember to take a look at the artwork and let us know what you think!

You can check out the photos from the event here.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Training Coordinators Jenny & Mandy Had Picnics In The Park With LMH!

Two wet weekends in May - and two different picnics with Liverpool Mutual Homes! 

Training Coordinator Jenny attended LMH's Picnic in the Park in Princes Park in June along with our advice stand and Guess The Bear competition. And Training Coordinator Mandy attended LMH's Picnic in the Park in North Liverpool's Stanley Park!

Mandy said; ‘It was one of those rainy days in North Liverpool but that didn’t stop the fun! As a mum of three kids I don’t think we have ever missed this event as it has become the one that myself and the local residents really look forward to. However, on this weekend I attended as a stallholder ready to give out information about services and training that we at The Women’s Organisation can offer to local people.’

‘There were many who passed through our information tent gathering the leaflets and taking refuge from the deluge of rain that was pouring down! But the rain didn’t put people off asking for information on how to set up a business and ask for the details of our new personal development programme; Progress to Success; Change It, which is proving to be a huge success for the women of Liverpool!’

‘So, yes it was raining but that did not dampen the North Liverpool spirit and judging by the many requests for start-up advice, we were glad to be there!’

For Jenny's day the main event was choosing the winner of Barnaby the Bear! The residents of the Princes Park area were invited to guess the name of the Bear (which had been chosen by WO staff in the office) and young James correctly guessed Barnaby!

All in all, two great days out at Stanley Park and Prince Park – thanks so much to Liverpool Mutual Homes for inviting us to be part of these events. 

Liverpool Mutual Homes are strategic partners of the Enterprise Hub project. Enterprise Hub is the enterprise gateway for business start-up support in Liverpool City Region, offering expert advice and support to those who are thinking about starting a business. Enterprise Hub is receiving funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DIGA Project Resources Now Accessible for Enterprise Trainers and Educators

Over the past two and a half years, partners of the Erasmus+ DIGA -  Digital Innovations for Growth Academy - Project have been developing an innovative learning programme for enterprise trainers and educators (ETEs).  

Recognising how digital technology is rapidly transforming how people communicate, learn, work and manage new enterprises and its central role in personal and professional contexts, the DIGA Project partners are delighted to share the resources they have developed.

DIGA Project Partners at their latest meeting, Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2017

The DIGA Learning Programme is designed to support colleagues delivering vocational education and training in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development so that entrepreneurs and small business owners better integrate digital technologies into their business start-up and development activities.

Our DIGA Learning Programme has been informed by extensive research into the needs of enterprise learners, teachers, advisers and entrepreneurs.

 It is structured into 5 modules:
  • Enhancing Digital Awareness and Knowledge
  • The Role and Use of Digital Technologies and their Benefits to Business
  • Making Digital Deliver for the Start-up and Small Business
  • Enabling and Supporting the Development of an Entrepreneurial Digital Strategy
  • Designing Integrated (Digital Competence) Entrepreneur Support / Programmes

Each module involves information and knowledge, as well as small group and individual activities. Reports, case studies and a range of learning tools are integrated throughout.

The DIGA Learning Programme is available in Bulgarian, English, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Spanish. Visit the official DIGA Project website for more information and to access the learning recources.

The research and publications underpinning our work are also available, including reports and briefing papers by Dr Briga Hynes from University of Limerick and DIGA Project partner leading research activities.

As the DIGA Project enters its final stages to an end, we are pleased to have worked on such a great programme alongside our partners.

To find out more about DIGA Project check out our new videos in 6 languages and head to You can also follow DIGA on Twitter.